Real Estate

The Atlantic Beach real estate market consists primarily of single family homes – all of which are located walking distance to the beach.  There are several condominium and townhouse properties. The largest condo complex is Pebble Beach – which sits directly on the waterfront.  The Oceanview Condominiums offers luxurious living, at reasonable prices.  The only single family homes that are directly on the waterfront are in West Atlantic Beach and in East Atlantic Beach.

In October 2022, Atlantic Beach home prices were up 19.6% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $1.3M.

Because of the small size of the village and desirability, there are generally not many homes for sale at any given time.  Homes typically range from $950K to $12M. Rentals range from $3K to $60K per month. Rents may double or triple for the summer months, due to the proximity to the beach.

Atlantic Beach does not have any apartment rental buildings. The only options for rentals are single family houses and condos rentals by owner. The exception is the New Nautilus Hotel, a beach-front assisted living community for senior citizens (older 55), located at the western end of the boardwalk. Despite it’s name, the Nautilus is not a hotel.

The village of Atlantic Beach does not have any hotels – there closest inns are in Long Beach (Allegria
& Long Beach Hotel) and nearby Inwood and Far Rockaway. Due to the proximity to JFK, there are many hotel airports within short driving distance. The village prohibits Airbnb and other short term rental options for less than 30 days.

The village has only several commercial and retail properties, and no industrial properties.