Parking is not permitted on residential streets during the beach season from the hours of 10:00am – 5:00pm. The ban is lifted in mid-September. Some residential streets have the ban year round. Street parking for more than a 48 hour period is prohibited at all times. Parking on Ocean Blvd is restricted to vehicles with a valid sticker – year round. Stickers are available for purchase for the year starting from the second week of December. Vehicles are subject to tow if they are not removed during snowfall when plowing is required. Vehicles on private property are required to park on a paved driveway and not permitted to block sidewalks. Commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking on public streets or private driveways (with the exception of deliveries). There are no private lots, public garages, or parking meters in the village. Parking lots at the beach clubs are restricted to club members and patrons.