Atlantic Beach Bridge

The Atlantic Beach Bridge is the only toll bridge in Nassau County, and is operated by the Nassau County Bridge Authority. The drawbridge connects Lawrence and Long Beach Barrier Island through Atlantic Beach, and is at the end of Nassau Expressway (878). The only other ways to access the island by vehicle is via the Long Beach Bridge via Island Park, and the Loop Parkway near Point Lookout. The bridge is managed by the Nassau County Bridge Authority.


Starting January 1, 2023, fares will increase, and the toll fares for the bridge will be as follows:

Cash RateEZ-Pass Rate
Passenger Vehicles Registered in Nassau County$3.00$3.00
Passenger Vehicles Registered Outside Nassau County$4.00$3.00
Commercial Vans / Small Trucks ( < 10,000 lbs)$8.00$8.00
Large Trucks ( > 10,000 lbs)$16.00$16.00
20 Trip Pass Cards ($1.50 per trip) $30.00NA
Unlimited Trips for Passenger Vehicles Registered in Nassau County$199.00$199.00
Unlimited Trips for Passenger Vehicles Registered outside Nassau County$349.00$349.00
Transfer Fee$40.00

Note that EZ-Pass will not be available until mid 2023, and until then, only the cash rates will apply.

The toll is collected for each trip across the bridge (both ways).

Starting in mid-2023, unlimited trip decals will be phased out, and an unlimited trip pass will be available through the EZ Pass transponder. Passengers will be then be able to pay the annual unlimited pass fee through Passengers will still have to renew their decals for 2023, in order to enjoy unlimited trips, as the EZ-Pass system will take effect in the middle of the year. On the Lawrence side of the bridge, the Nassau County Bridge Authority maintains an office where decals can be purchased or renewed in person.

Credit and debit cards are only accepted for unlimited trip decals (for an additional fee), and are not accepted for pass cards or for single fare tolls that do not use EZ-Pass.

Passengers who run the toll or do not have the funds to cross, will be mailed an invoice to pay the toll by mail (plus a $1 administration fee). Passengers who do not pay the this will risk a registration suspension and large fine.


The Atlantic Beach bridge opens for boat passage, typically during the summer. Closed vertical clearance is 30′. From October 1-May 14, the bridge will open on signal. From May 15-September 30, the bridge will open on signal except from 4 PM-7 PM on weekdays and 11 AM-9PM on weekends and holidays where it will be opened on the hour and half-hour. Also, from May 15-September 30, the bridge will open on signal from two hours before to one hour after predicted high tide. The bridge rarely opens during the winter months. Upcoming plans for a live bridge cam are in the works and have not been implemented yet by the Nassau County Bridge Authority.

Pedestrians and Bicycles:

There is a sidewalk where pedestrians are permitted to cross. Pedestrians are required to walk all bicycles across. Pedestrians and cyclists are not required to pay the toll.