Atlantic Beach is home to some of the most exclusive and pristine private beaches – just minutes from New York City. Beaches are only accessible by residents of the village (and guests) and members of the beach clubs. Beach passes are required to gain entry and will be checked prior to entering. There are 9 beach entrances.

Non-residents and non-members of the clubs are permitted to stroll on the boardwalk, which starts at Ocean Blvd and The Plaza, and ends at Putnam Blvd.

The village is known for the many private beach clubs which include  Catalina Beach Club, Clear Water Beach Club, Sunny Atlantic Beach Club, The Shores at Atlantic Beach, New York Beach Club, The Ocean Club, The Sands, Silver Point Beach Club.  The beach clubs offer cabanas for rent, swimming pools, spas, dining, activities and more. 

The beach season officially opens starting Memorial Day (last Monday of May) and ends on Labor Day (the first Monday in September). After this date, beaches will be unprotected by lifeguards and no bathing will be permitted. Dogs are not permitted on the beaches or the boardwalk during the months of April through September. Open containers of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the beach (with the exception of special events that have a permit).